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Net House Transformed into Note House


Bhopal : Thursday, October 12, 2017, 18:31 IST

Rambai and Umabai of the village Hinotiya district Vidisha have started deriving benefit from the protected cultivation so much that their net house is transformed into a note house. Rambai says that vegetable production is increased since the Jalidaar Chhatri (Net House) has been installed in her agriculture field. Rambai and Umabai used to grow vegetables in open earlier and were able to earn a little profit with great pains. But the protected cultivation method has increased the vegetable production thus enhancing their profit manifolds.

These women have arranged for installation of the net house in 4000 square meter (One Acre Approx.) in 2016. They grew cucumber and capsicum in the first year and earned a handsome profit of Rs. One lakh 50 thousand. This year they have grown tomatoes and green chilies and have sold tomatoes worth Rs. 35 thousand till now. They further mention that they were unable to earn this much profit by producing traditional crops. Moreover, they suggest that every farmer must install net house in at least one acre of their farm land.

Officers of the Horticulture Department also came forward for their help. Fifty percent amount of the net house cost has been provided to them in the form of subsidy by the department.

Success Story ( Vidisha)

Mukesh Modi