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CM Shri Chouhan Approves Morand Ganjal Irrigation Project

Harda, Khandwa and Hoshangabad Districts to be Benefitted by Irrigation on 52 Thousand Hectare land  

Bhopal : Thursday, October 12, 2017, 19:33 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given approval for construction of the proposed Morand Ganjal Irrigation Project for Harda, Khandwa and Hoshangabad districts. Presiding over the meeting of Narmada Control Board, Shri Chouhan said that this project will bring prosperity among the farmers by establishing a record production in its command area. The underground water distribution system of this project will avoid water loss as it happened in open canals.

It may be mentioned that Morand Ganjal irrigation project was part of the 29 major projects of the master plan presented before the Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal in 1972 by Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada Control Board after its approval has paved a way for construction of this project costing Rs. 2813 crore.

Dams will be constructed on Morand river near village Morghat of Seoni Malwa Tahsil and on Ganjal river near village Jawardha of Rahatgaon Tahsil-Harda district under the project. Total 4 thousand 617 hectare land of 28 villages of Hoshangabad, 17 thousand 678 hectare land of 62 villages of Harsud tahsil-district Khandwa and 29 thousand 910 hectare agriculture land of 121 villages of Harda, Khirkiya, Sirali and Rahatgaon tahsils of Harda district will be benefitted by the this project. Total 52 thousand 205 hectare command area will be created by this project. Beside irrigation, potable water to 211 villages of the command area and water to the city of Seoni Malwa will be provided to satisfy its need.

The project will be constructed in 3 phases. Construction of Morand dam under first phase and construction of canal under second phase will take place. Both the canals coming out from the dam will be in the form of underground pipe canals which will provide irrigation facility to the entire command through underground canal system. Construction of Ganjal dam is proposed in the third phase.

Durgesh Raikwar