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Amendments in Labour Laws of M.P. Favourable To Labourers and Employers


Bhopal : Thursday, October 12, 2017, 21:53 IST

Procedure of labour laws has been simplified in the interest of labourers and employers under the ease of doing business in the state. The provisions have been rationalized. Beside transparency in departmental working system and use of information and technology at wide scale, several important steps have been taken in this regard since 2014 till date.

Voluntary Compliance Scheme

The voluntary compliance scheme introduced in October 2014 has been praised by the World Bank, Union Government and other States. Under the scheme, provision has been made for maintaining One register in place of maintaining 61 registers under the 16 labour laws and only 2 annual returns in place of 13 returns in the office. Moreover, a provision of maximum one inspection in 5 years of the institution has been made.

Amendments in Labour Laws

Three labour laws of the state and 15 labour laws of the center have been made investors and labourers’ friendly. Retirement age in the interest of several lakhs labourers of the state has been increased to 60 years from 58 years. The limit of maximum number of labourers has been increased to 50 from 20 under the Madhya Pradesh Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act and exemption was provided to the micro industries. Moreover, permission from Commissioner Labour has been made mandatory for inspection of institutions having less than 10 labourers.

Micro industries have been exempted from Madhya Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund Act. Provision for increase in working hours of labourers from 75 to 125 hours in any quarter on their consent has been made. Ensuring security and safety of women during night shifts, provision has been made for permission of work from 8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. Furthermore, facility of leave with wages has been provided on 180 days working in place of 240 days working during the previous year for the laborers. In case of layoffs of the labourers, a provision of 3 months notice with minimum payment of 3 months’ salary has been made against a provision of one month notice. Requirement of advance permission for layoffs or closure of institution has been made for the institutions having 300 or more labourers in place of institutions with 100 labourers. The time period of 3 years has been fixed for presenting industrial dispute related to service termination.

In the interest of Investors, provisions of Madhya Pradesh Shop and Establishment Act, Contract Labour Act, Motor Transport Labour Act, Bhavan Sannirman Karmkaar Act and Antarrajiya Pravasi Karmkaar Act have been made so that under the Act if applications of registration or license and its renewal are not cleared within 30 days then it will be considered deemed automatically. Provision has been made to settle the cases at the office itself offering compromise amount in place of taking cases to the court in violation of Madhya Pradesh Shop and Establishment Act, Madhya Pradesh Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, Samaan Parishramik Adhiniyam, Shram Vidhi (Vivrani Dene and Register Rakhne se katipay Sthapnayaon ko Chhoot) Act, Minimum Wages Act, Vetan bhugtan Adhiniyam, Vikrey Samvardhan Karmchari (Seva Ki Shartein) Adhiniyam.

Mahesh Dubey